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"After a less than desirable demise,  Auto must get used to his new life in the afterlife dimension of Kittyhell."
A webcomic about death and cats.
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Written by Vell
A big portion of the credit goes to all who helped, supported, and inspired me.
    Thank You!

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Felinophobia draws no inspiration from and has NO RELATION to "Zoophobia", "Hazbin Hotel", or Vivziepop.

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For the time being, this comic is hosted on ComicFury! This site is 100% safe to visit, so please don't mind your browser's warnings!
If I knew ComicFury was an unsafe host, I wouldn't be using it!

(However if it's found out ComicFury is in any way an unsafe host for visitors, Felinophobia will be moved to another hosting site.)

Some might possibly not apply in the comic or be as prevalent, but I just wanted to be safe.
-Blood & Gore
-Suicide & Murder, Death (Prologue, Backstories)
-Themes of Hell/Demons
-Mild NSFW (In Certain Jokes)
-Gruesome Backstory Deaths
-Strong Language
-Eyes/Eye Contact
-Themes/Mentions of Religion
-Guns/Firearms & Knives
-Abusive Dynamics
-Possible Eyestrain

It is not reccommended that anyone under the age of 14 reads this comic. I plan on changing (raising) this once things become more intense within the story.

But of course I'm not your mom, and I can't pry you away from this website kicking and screaming or otherwise.

However, if you're going to read this anyway, please remember that there are certain dynamics and actions in this story that should NOT be emulated/repeated or glorified in the real world.
Remember, this is just a fictional cartoon.

No matter your age, please heed these warnings and go into this story safely and with caution.
If you need to stop reading or take a break from this story, please by all means do so.

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