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by velltoons on 23rd Oct 2020, 7:03 PM
i mentioned this in the authors notes of the latest update, but as of now i am currently recovering from a surgery i had on tuesday.
i had to have a 10in tumor removed, as well as one of my ovaries that had twisted up and died inside of me. fun stuff, and now tomo and i have a matching tummy scar.

im recovering very well so far, but im going to stretch out the hiatus just a bit so i can focus more on physically healing from the operation. i hope from the bottom of my heart all of you can understand!! i did upload the last few pages of ch1 though, like i said i would.

while im away i will try my best to start drawing chapter 2. that way everythings all resdy set! :3

again, hope u all can understand!! love u guys!!! <333