Welcome to Kittyhell!

Possible Questions

When does Felinophobia update?
The update schedule is on the homepage, but in case you didn't catch it...
Felinophobia updates Mondays @12PM EST, biweekly.
(Biweekly = once every 2 weeks.)

Can I draw fanart/write fics of this series?
Yes, of course! Go nuts! NSFW works are allowed, but please do not lewd asexual or underage characters.

Can I make an OC?
Mhm! The characters are all based around different fears. Since some fears have multiple different
names, you can pretty much go nuts!

Can I kin any of these characters?
As long as you don't start any drama or bully others for kinning a specific character, then yes!
Go right on ahead!

Is Felinophobia a product of Callayl?
Nope! Felinophobia is a completely independent project that Vell wrote, with little to no relation to Callayl or Leannunia.
However, all my thanks go out to those working with me on that project! 

Was Felinophobia inspired by anything in particular?
Felinophobia draws a good bit of inspiration from the webcomic Sparklecare Hospital. Go check it out, it's really good!
Felinophobia also draws some inspiration from a few other series I liked when I was younger, as well as
from a very old story idea I had in middle school/really old OCs of mine.

Felinophobia draws no inspiration from and has NO RELATION to "Zoophobia", "Hazbin Hotel", or Vivziepop.

Where can I ask my own questions?
I don't have anywhere in particular you can ask me questions pertaining to this series a of yet, but a
Tumblr will be up soon. For now, if you have me friended on Discord, you can ask me questions there!

What do you use to host your comic?
I use ComicFury, however I plan to someday reupload the comic to a independant site, once I can afford it + I learn to code better.

How do I Subscribe to Felinophobia?

The "Subscribe" button is located right on the homepage!
Or, you know, you can just click the sub button right here if you don't wanna go all the way back.