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UPDATE: Vell's Return & The Future of Felinophobia

by velltoons on 1st Feb 2021, 8:23 PM
I'm just going to keep this one short 'n' sweet- No, I'm not discontinuing Felinophobia. This comic's been pretty dead for a while, but I haven't finished my story, and don't plan to cut it off before I can get the chance to.

My art style (this is especially about my art style changing), and a few major plot directions have gone through quite a few major changes since I started this comic. The comic as-is doesn't really seem to be going *anywhere*. Honestly, I'm not too satisfied with it as it currently it. Which is why I'm making the decision to almost completely reboot Felinophobia and redraw it and rewrite it from scratch.

I *WILL* be reusing the site purely out of laziness, yes, I admit it. Plus, I'm diggin' the mid-late 2000's vibe going on with it.
All pages will be archived to my computer and probably like... posted somewhere, I dunno, but they'll be removed from the website.

Thank you again for sticking with this comic! Sorry to leave you all hangin' for so long.

ALSO, with that all out of the way, I will no longer be posting about Felinophobia updates, etc, on my Twitter as I'm slowly trying to leave the platform. All future FP-related content will go up on my Tumblr, @velltoons! Feel free to give me a follow!

Again... Thank you for sticking around. Sorry again to leave you all hanging like this for such a long time!
All pages will remain up until I reach the same point in the story with the rebooted pages, + the end of the current chapter.
-Vell "Velltoons"


by velltoons on 23rd Oct 2020, 7:03 PM
i mentioned this in the authors notes of the latest update, but as of now i am currently recovering from a surgery i had on tuesday.
i had to have a 10in tumor removed, as well as one of my ovaries that had twisted up and died inside of me. fun stuff, and now tomo and i have a matching tummy scar.

im recovering very well so far, but im going to stretch out the hiatus just a bit so i can focus more on physically healing from the operation. i hope from the bottom of my heart all of you can understand!! i did upload the last few pages of ch1 though, like i said i would.

while im away i will try my best to start drawing chapter 2. that way everythings all resdy set! :3

again, hope u all can understand!! love u guys!!! <333


Small Hiatus!!!

by velltoons on 7th Sep 2020, 10:32 AM
Taking a short break from updating FP, due to schoolwork, other projects, and to take care of my own life irl. Will be back soon!
While I'm away I'll try to prepare more pages in advance so I'll have the updates ready ahead of time!

Thank you for understanding! <3